Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Counting the Costs…

Why is it so difficult to help businesses save money?

Let me ask these questions:

If errors are being made within your business that are costing you money wouldn’t you want to know and resolve them before they cost you even more money?

What about an idea that someone in your business has to reduce your costs? Do you listen to them or recognize them for their efforts?

If there was a product or program that was guaranteed to reduce your costs would you consider it?

What about a financial program that would help supplement your costs! Would you take advantage of them?

How about this: What if there was a person or business willing to work for your business at no cost and who’s sole purpose is to identify and help save your business money! Wouldn’t you exploit that resource to its fullest extent?

How hard is it to help your business save money?

There is a simple cost effective way for businesses to save money during these slow economically challenging times and in the process be good stewards of our resources.


  • Have an Audit of your Businesses Utility & Telecommunication Services completed to ensure you have not been overcharged or erroneously billed.
  • Look at all your options within these services where you can save money.
  • Identify projects and programs that will help drive down your energy costs.
  • Obtain a ROI for Cost Savings Products (Energy Saving Products) your business can take advantage of.
  • Identify all available financial resources available to your business to help offset costs.
  • Forecast these cost saving programs into your 1, 5, 10 year business goals.
  • Look for a business that will do all these and more with no up front costs to your business.

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