Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Green Police

Are the Green Police Knocking on Your Door?

What can your business do to ensure that the World CO2 Green Police don’t come knocking at your door?

We believe that through good stewardship of the resources we use every day to help run our businesses, we can effect change within those things which maybe harmful to the environment by minimizing our consumption of those resources, while reducing our costs to run our businesses.

OkSS is Your Energy Savings Company!

We are an Energy Consulting Company bringing real world, reasonable, low cost solutions to your business saving you money today, tomorrow and in the future.

We Partner with your Small Business/Company/Municipality eliminating the need to hire or use your existing staff to accomplish your Energy Saving Goals.

We partner with varying resources to perform Audits on your Utility & Telecommunication Services to identify and uncover losses to your operation budget made through your service providers errors, overcharges, inaccurate taxing, and more.

We also partner with local Energy Suppliers to provide your Small Business/Company/Municipality with reduced pricing on those Energy Supplies.

The best thing of all about our services, if we don’t save you money we don’t get paid!

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