Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Utility & Telecommunication Auditing

Welcome to the Utility & Telecommunication Auditing Blog!

This blog will provide you with the information you need to make wise business decisions regarding your utility & telecommunication consumption. 

Knowing that all businesses whether large or small consume these services, it is essential to ensure your business has the best, most cost effective services suppliers can provide and most importantly that you are being billed correctly and accurately for those services.
Did you know?
  • Over 75% of all non-negotiated telecom service contracts are over-priced
  • 90% of all businesses audited benefit financially from a utility audit
  • 35% of all telecom billing has errors in rates, circuits or charges
  • 40% of all electricity customers could benefit from a lower pricing program
  • 10% of all gas bills have miscalculated taxes
  • 15% of all energy billing has errors in rates, or service charges
  • 90% of all billing errors favor the utility and not the customer

See the Excerpt from

Audit Your Utility Bill

by: Jill Andresky Fraser

Are you throwing money away on utility bills?

If you haven't had your bills thoroughly reviewed by an independent utility bill auditor, you could be. The truth of the matter is that over billing is widespread.


Telephone and utility companies are not obligated to place your company on the lowest rates available. Most businesses are not aware of all the rules, riders, tariffs, tax exemptions and credits that apply to their utility and telephone bills.

Below are errors and responsibility taken by the utility & telecommunication companies regarding overcharges & errors.

Back Billing Blunder Binds Utility Company

Railroad Commission of Texas

Crist: AT&T billing errors unacceptable Verizon investigates widespread $1.99 billing errors

Billing errors cost Utility Authority up to $1 million

Boston-Based Utility Nstar Corp 

There is human error in every aspect of life and utility and telecommunication companies have their fair share. The technology they are using or have used contribute to these errors. It is the consumers responsibility to know what they are being billed and paying for even after corrections on the part of these companies have been made. Errors are still a fact of life!

Here are just a few businesses that can benefit from auditing services:.
·         Colleges, universities, and private secondary schools
·         Municipal school and housing systems
·         Manufacturers
·         Restaurants and Hotels
·         Drycleaners and coin-operated laundries
·         Commercial Property Owners

What does an Audit Consist of:
  • Examination and audit of all your utility expenses to uncover errors and misappropriation of charges. 
  • Establish whether you qualify for a rate change that will reduce cost. 
  • Establish whether you qualify for tariff riders specific to your business (or industry).
  • Propose alternative utility providers offering comparable services at reduced rates.
  • Recover all your refunds and credits as well as establish savings.
What your audit will include:
  • A legal review of your current contracts, and when necessary a negotiation for refunds, credits and lower rates
  • An analysis of your consumption patterns for gas, electric, telecom and waste removal
  • A comparison of all rates and tariffs for which you qualify
  • An evaluation of leading suppliers in your area
  • A written report detailing the audit findings and the recommended course of action
  • Execute and monitor all cost-saving recommendations over the contract period.
  • We partner with you & your business

There is no fee for the audit.

We are paid "contingent-upon" our recovering you money.

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